taxidermy software system pro v2.0

Taxidermy Software System Pro Updates.

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Version UpDate Descriptions

V2.0.4.7 - Fix when adding a new job. Tab, Refresh. Minor Fixes.

V2.0.4.5 - Minor Redesign and modifications. Added a Hide and Show button on customer notes. Measurements now sort from A-Z. Report fix, Bulk add payment form allows for adding more payments, Tax calculation Round fix, Bulk add job minor fix, Auto fill dates on job forms, Restore database will now close all open forms for you, Added print tags for Birds and Species, Master parts form fix to show updated part after adding, Misc other fixes.

V2.0.4.4 - Minor Redesign and modifications. Changed the layout of Invoices and a few other reports to print vertical. Added "Edit Measurements" tab for job form. Misc other fixes. For a list of fixes and version updates dating back to V1.6 please contact us.