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Taxidermy Software System Pro F.A.Q's.

Do I get instant access to a download, or do you have to ship the product to me?
You will get instant access to download the product after you purchase it. Our software is READY TO USE OUT OF THE BOX! It comes pre-loaded with all Species, Prices, and Mount Types. 

I noticed that the software will print Customer/Job Tags and Federal Migratory Bird Tags, Do i need any special paper?
No. Use your printer and regular paper. You will need re-usable vinyl sleeves.
You can purchase the Clear Tag holders at
Part Number: s-7250c (for the specimen ID tags) and,
Part Number: s-7249  (for the Federal Migratory Bird Tags)

Is Taxidermy Software System Pro a web based product or does it install on my computer?
Taxidermy Software System Pro installs on your computer and does not need constant internet connection to work.  Any database in the cloud can, "and will" be hacked. Our software runs on your computer as a stand alone application, not in the cloud.

Is there any other hidden fee's?
No. There is no contracts and you can cancel at anytime. Simply go to your Paypal account and cancel your subscription or send us an email. 

What operating system will this software work on?
Any Windows-based system, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

What if my computer were to crash? Can I install the software on another computer without losing any data?
Yes, We recommend that you backup your database once a week or once a month.

What if I charge per foot or per inch; will the software allow me to do that?

Can I export my customer information to Excel format, and can I import data into the database using an Excel format?

​Why Should I Use Taxidermy Software System Pro?
​Taxidermy Software System Pro is a simple & easy-to-use program that ANYONE can work with. Whether you are a small shop with a few customers or a large shop with hundreds of customers, this software will work for your business.